Helpful Ordering Information

Headband Styles

We offer several different headband styles to accommodate different ages and hair types!  When selecting your headband pick from one of these available headband styles.

Stretch Lace Example

Stretch Lace

Our most popular and standard style is stretch lace which is appropriate for any age, especially babies and toddlers.  We offer 4 different sizes:

0-6 months (fits 13" head)
6-12 months (fits 15" head)
12-24 months (fits 16" head)
2-5 years (fits 17" head)

To ensure a proper fit, please make sure to measure around the head where the headband will be placed.  DO NOT go by the measurement that the doctor's office uses, they measure the top of the head and it is not necessarily the same size as where the headband will fit.

Cloth Headband Sample

Cloth Headbands

Cloth headbands are a "one size fits most" for ages 6 months to 5 years.  Cloth Headbands are avaialable in a variety of colors.

Ribbon Covered Headband Sample

Ribbon Covered Headbands

For older girls, we recommend ribbon covered headbands which are a U-shaped plastic headband what is wrapped in ribbon.  This helps keep hair out of their face as well as a cute headband to help accessorize!



Clip Styles

We offer several different clip styles which work with all kinds of hair!  

Alligator Clip in Baby's Hair

Alligator Clips

Our most popular clip style is the alligator clip which comes either fully covered or partially covered.  The alligator style clip is recommended for children who do not have alot of hair yet.  It works really well to hold hair out their eyes. 

Fully Covered Alligator Clip Sample

Alligator Clip Styles

The fully covered alligator clip is covered completely with ribbon and you cannot see any of the clip.




The partially covered alligator is only covered on the top, side and part of the bottom so part of the clip shows, making it very easy to slide into hair.